wine distribution and marketing in europe


Wine-Ex, short for Wine-Ex(sup)port, was founded in 2004 as a private initiative in Europe. Our mission: to collaborate with new and old world wineries in the distribution, commercialization and marketing of your products in the European markets.


Wine-Ex is owned by Gino Scheltema who has previous experience as European Director for Kendall-Jackson and Sebastiani Vineyards.


Currently we work with several quality wineries: for example First Creek Wines, Australia; Domaine Lafage & Château St. Roch, Roussillon/Languedoc; Azienda Marcato, Veneto & Villadoria (Barolo), Piemonte, Italy; Castell d’Or, Catalan, Spain etc.  All these wineries are in the midst of aggressive brand development of their products in Europe and in other world markets.


In Europe Wine-Ex maintains active commercial relations with importers and distributors in the following markets: 

UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium & Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Austria, Hungary and Russia.

We constantly focus to expand our business in new markets.


Our European office is based in Bussum, The Netherlands. Maintaining our office in Holland has allowed us to strengthen our link between Northern and Eastern Europe and the wine producing countries.


Wine-Ex has a collaboration agreement with logistics warehouses in the Netherlands. Together with these warehouses we facilitate the distribution of new world
wines to, and support of, our European importers and clients who select to utilize our expert services.

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Gino Scheltema


wine-ex(sup)port: ‘your’ office in europe



Laan van Suchtelen van de Haare 19

1405 AR Bussum

The Netherlands

Contact:  Gino Scheltema

Phone:    +31-618193915

Fax:        +31-847267229